JCIA Says ‘’Patient Experience Is Much Beyond Patient Satisfaction Survey’’

JCIA says ‘’Patient experience is much beyond patient satisfaction survey’’
By Admin | Posted on April 7, 2021

The new standard in the 7th Ed Hospital manual requiring hospitals to measures, analyzes, and—when necessary—improves the patient experience to enhance the quality of patient care (PCC3) Most of the times Patient experience and patient satisfaction have overlapping definitions, causing much confusion, JCI is made it clarified that how patient satisfaction survey is different from a Patient experience, a patient’s hospital experience should be satisfactory, one might assume – same time they are separate terms that have entirely different meanings to healthcare professionals.

Patient satisfaction is the balanced measure of the quality of care whereas Patient experience focuses on the way the healthcare facilities are perceived by the patient.

Measuring patient satisfaction is one way to capture patient experience information. However, hospital leaders need to be aware that patient satisfaction is a subjective measure.

For example, asking patients if they had access to their health records is a measure of patient experience. Patient data access is an objective quality measure.

Patient satisfaction would be about determining if the patient was pleased with the room layout. While there are some standards that would be conducive to a patient room satisfaction score, it is ultimately a subjective measure. Two patients can receive the exact same care, but have different satisfaction levels because they had different subjective expectations, JCIA address to the Hospital leadership to determines a priority area for improving the patient experience that will positively impact patient care, Identify strategies for improving the patient experience are implemented and finally Improvements to the patient experience are analyzed and revised in order to optimize their impact on quality of patient care.

Take away:

Patient satisfaction measures that have an impact on patient care can be used to obtain initial patient experience data and meet the expectations of this standard. However, when patient satisfaction measures are used, hospital leaders should continuously enhance data collection to eventually identify patient experience information for meaningful improvement.

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