Technology for Accreditation

We provide technology enabled solutions for Healthcare workflows and accreditation requirements. we combine our passion and experience in healthcare management and accreditation into an innovation that helps you to manage your day today complex processes in a digital platform that links all methodologies required to achieve and maintain Healthcare quality operations.

What we offer

We aim to synchronize all your quality management; accreditation needs to our technology-enabled solutions where fewer man hours monitoring and assure continuous quality improvement also sustainability that any High Reliable Organizations always seeks.

  • Policy Manager
  • Key performance indicator Manager
  • Incident Manager
  • Privilege Manager
  • OPPE Module
  • Accreditation Compliance

Policy Manager- System enabled Database and workflow for Policies / forms for accreditation

Policy Manager will connect you to manage your complex document control system and gives you timely alert to work on effectively.

Meets National and International Accreditation Regulatory Bodies (JCI, NABH, DOH, DHA, CBAHI, NHRA, etc.,)

The complete process of document management including an inventory of policies, forms, and other standard operating procedures according to standards requirements in a single technological platform.

Creation on a new document, stakeholder review & policy approval in a single platform. It does not require any physical checks or movement in the entire process, unlike manual follow-ups.

  • Document control and version control Features

  • Tacking of policy expiry and on-time renewal support.

  • Report on staff test knowledge on policies

  • Read and unread status of policies by staff

  • Data Safety & Security – No option on a copy, paste, and download

KPI Manager

Our automated KPI Manager helps you to digitalize your complex KPI process into simplified technology platform.

  • KPI library for International accreditation

  • Data driven and useful data analysis

  • Dashboard with multiple display tools

  • Action generation and user follow up

  • hospital wide Internal and external benchmark

Incident Manager

Our unique technology of the Incident Manager module offers Healthcare Organizations to identify, report, investigate and recording of control measures in a system enabled a single platform and analyze them based on Patient Safety Taxonomy principle.

Improve just culture in a centralized framework by using technology-based incident management module.

Advanced automated tasks assignment and reminders to involved stakeholder.

System Enabled Incident classification and automated reports.

  • Alert notifications to HOD’s for critical incidents & actions

  • Incident Analysis Reports – Visualization of graphs and trends

  • Incident Risk score report - integrated risk score which will support Risk Assessment plan and interventions

  • Electronic Documentation of Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

  • Assign Corrective and Preventive action for incidents to ensure the incidents are not repeated

  • Identifying common incidents

  • Feedback and Learning opportunities – Acknowledgement log

Privilege Manager

AccreHealth Privilege Manager is a comprehensive innovative technology on healthcare employers to streamline and automate their complete process for privileging requirements in one single platform. This module simplifies your process of obtaining, reviewing and approving the documentation for medical staff professionals by giving alert notification in the module on timely responsive manner.

  • Able to view submitted privilege and status of live approval

  • Able to view Physician Experience, License, Life Support Certification details

  • Avoid delay in the approval process

  • Alert notification on e-mail

  • Automatic reminder and notification before the expiry of privilege renewal

  • Easy tracking and search mechanism

  • The system enabled primary source verification and data accessibility to Privilege Committee

  • Physician privilege view for all staff

  • Meets National and International Accreditation Regulatory Bodies (JCI, NABH, DOH, DHA, CBAHI, NHRA, etc.,)

OPPE (On going professional practice evaluation)

Capturing multiple data points from Various source for Hundreds of medical staff is made easy with digitalization of OPPE workflow in AccreHealth.

  • OPPE with Data driven KPIs

  • Compare Physician with Peers, Target, Benchmark

  • Availability of International Benchmark for various specialities

  • Focus Professional Practise Evaluation (FPPE)

  • Monitor and review Physician Performance on Regular Basis (Monthly, Quarterly, Annual)

  • Automatic Quarterly reports to Physician, Medical Director on physician performance

  • Assign and monitor improvement areas identified during OPPE

  • Dashboards for Physician, HOD, Medical Director and Management

  • OPPE library for all available specialties