AccreHealth Consulting

About Us

 AccreHealth Consulting Pvt Ltd is a Healthcare quality management and accreditation consultancy operations in India delivering Consultancy, Training, mock surveys for NABH/NABL, ACHSI and JCIA, across India.

 Our clients are assured of on-site professional services and technology support to improve quality performance and achieve accreditation status in a reasonable time frame.

Accreditation Consultancy Services

We provide comprehensive consultancy services to prepare healthcare organizations for accreditation and re-accreditation including but not limited to International and national accreditation such as NABH, JCIA, NABL, CAP, CARF.


 Eye care Hospitals and Dental Facilities

 Medical Laboratories & Imaging Services

 Allopathic clinics

 Ayurveda & Homeopathy Hospitals

 Unani & Siddha Hospitals

 Yoga and Naturopathy Hospital

 Blood Banks

NABH- Accrehealth Approach

On site oversight

An accreditation consultant is assigned to each facility from day 1, Consultant shall visit the hospital on agreed days every week/month to provide oversight of all activities assigned and Trainings to all hospital personnel.

Progress Monitoring thru technology

A mobile enabled tool to monitor the progress of preparation is provided to Hospital. This software maps the project implementation stages from start till end. This assigns and monitors Policies and SOPs, KPIs, Trainings, Licencing requirements and Infrastructure requirements against each Measurable standard from NABH/JCI manual on a daily basis.

Our Program for Corporates/Group Hospitals

 We operates in all states of India and neighbouring countries & our consultants network can work with your group of hospitals across different states/cities to streamline quality and accreditation framework as a group structure.

 Act as an advisory to the group to provide resources such as documentation, develop competencies, Identify and drive improvement projects.

 Training & Professional Development of quality department workforce across hospitals.

 Conduct trainings and workshops for all levels of staff category to develop quality competencies at various levels.

 Develop & establish performance measures & clinical pathways at group level.

 Train & develop a team of Internal auditors within the group for cross audit functions.

 Manage accreditation preparation in multiple locations simultaneously.

 Develop quality, Infection control and safety champions in all hospitals.

Our Accreditation Preparation Program

Our Preparation Program is comprised of the following Inter-related and Complementary Modules & Services