Digitalization Made It Easy

Digitalization Made It Easy
By Admin | Posted on April 7, 2021

As covid travel restrictions continued and the fluid nature of COVID-19 in general, JCI is conducting most surveys as either a virtual survey or a hybrid survey since June 2020. JCI is committed to working closely with organizations, with everyone's safety being the first and foremost priority.

Virtual Survey: The survey is conducted completely by video, with all surveyors remote from the organization.

Hybrid Survey: The survey is conducted with one or more JCI surveyors onsite at the organization, and the remainder of the JCI team remote and participating via video.

Both types of surveys are rigorous, robust and follow the same survey methodology as the onsite survey. All tracer activity is conducted, all decision rules and criteria are applied in the same manner, A few of the advantages of a virtual survey option include potential reduction in survey fees, reduced surveyor travel expense costs, and fewer travel restriction issues.

Canadian Specialist Hospital’(CSH) is committed for continuous development and investment in technology, medical expertise and support facilities, which have contributed to the hospitals’ current stature as one of the preeminent medical institutions in the middle east.

CSH has partnered with AccreHealth Technology to digitalize some of the complex operational workflows such as Policy Manager, Ongoing Professional Practice evaluation (OPPE), Medical staff privileges, KPIsand most importantly the digital Incident management system.

AccreHealth Regions first and only technology enabled solutions for quality management and accreditation requirements compliances with International and national accreditation.

Creating policies or tracking contracts, monitoring actions plans of RCA, accessing physician privileges, having internal or external comparison of OPPE, analyzing huge inventory of KPIs, Managing International accreditation, all these traditionally manual activities are completely digitalized in CSH by AccreHealth technology.

AccreHealth technologies is an integrated solution for Incidents management, Policy manager KPIs, OPPE, Medical staff privileges, accreditation manager and much more. AccreHealth Technologies supports innovation and technology to facelift complex workflows in a Healthcare environment. For more details connect at or visit